Pure Passion Part 6 (NSFW)

sims 3


Jamin & Ash

sims 3

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Nothing like a little late night lovin.One of Ash’s favourite things to do is catch really pretty butterflies and gift them to Jamin in gorgeous glass cases. Of course, Jamin couldn’t help but feel a little weirded out at first but he got used to it and it gave him a sense of happiness seeing Ash get so excited and hyped up whenever she caught one.Jamin’s such a good Husband. Instead of mocking Ash’s childish behaviours, he gets her her favourite toys.

Shower sex makes mornings a whole lot better. Here we have a guilty Jamin, confessing to his wife that he watches her sleep at night sometimes. It’s hilarious. Ash gets visibly upset for a moment but then snaps back to a flirty mood almost instantly. It was like she went “YOU WATCH ME SLEEP AT NIGHT????!!!…………that’s hot.”

Being married to a jock means having to put up with his constant selfie taking.

Cheek kisses are so adorable.

That look you give when you’re certain you’ve finally found your soulmate and are so happy you married them.